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Web Sites

Additional resources regarding the Bell Marks, Bell history, and trademarks. The RBOCs make no representations whatsoever regarding the content of any other Web sites you may access from this Web Site.

Bell History

Southern New England Telephone Archives:

This Web Site contains the archive of Southern New England Telephone from its inception in 1878 until 1983.

Telephone History

Telephone History Web Site:

This Web Site concentrates on the history of the telephones. It also has information on the histories of many current telephone companies.

Trademark Resources

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web Site:

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is the key federal agency for those who apply for a U.S. patent or trademark. The Web Site contains many of the sources once only found in libraries or provided by request through the mail. For looking up a trademark, simply turn to the Trademark Database.

All About Trademarks:

This Web Site is maintained by attorney Gregory H. Guillot. It contains comprehensive information on trademarks and trademark law. It includes links to trademark laws of all 50 states and many foreign nations.


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